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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blessed Sunday, Thank you God for all you provide...

Apr 03, 2011

"Saw Vi"... What a devious mind has the producer of this series... Nora did really well after the opening scenes (about 6 minutes). She even asked me some questions about the show. But if you want a show that provokes thought, this ain't it. This is only to be described in one word...mindless 'slaughter'. My kind of movie for sure... of course I don't go to see the mayhem, but the special effects used by the studios to make such trash so believable... it truly is amazing.

We left for the mall about 11:15am as the showtime was at 1:30 and I like to get there just after the previous showing lets out to see the trailers of upcoming events. We bought Nora a comb and looked around some... we bought some stale popcorn for the movie and a couple bottles of water.

After the show, we went to the Department store and got the usual compliment of chips and a couple bags of different ones for the children... I convinced Nora to give them one bag when we got home and save the other for today. If we'd given them both bags yesterday, they would have gobbled them up so this way they get two days of treats.

It was a good day yesterday.

Kenneth just told me he would not be going to church with us this morning because he doesn't have any clean clothes left. He indicated that he would go with Jenny tonight instead and I concurred.

Looks to be another hot day today. The laundry lady is here so by tonight we will all have clean and fresh laundry to wear again. That brings to thought the change I need to make with this family once we arrive in the States... you wear only one set of clothes in a day unless an accident happens to make you need another, here they change causes of the sweating and heat but there they won't have that problem... I figure you dress for the day in the morning then you can put on you kick back clothes when the evening comes or you get home from work/school whatever. I am trying to avoid a stupendous water usage bill and that includes showers that are only 20 minutes rather than the Kenneth style of 45 minutes... it will be a learning curve for them, but I have the power to turn off the hot water and in Oregon, the tap water is frickin cold.

Nora and I will attend Mass this morning then we will unravel the remains of Sunday and see what it produces...

May God bless and keep you, each and every one of you !!!

••• Alex repaid the 4,000p this afternoon

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Lollie said...

Happy to hear that your day was a good one. Gareth was doing some research on the computer about the better things that he can eat and I took a trip out in the back yard and starting trimming some bushes with my heddger. I was just putting the finishing touches on them and Gareth wanted me to stop and not over work myself, especially my hand and wrist. I concurred on that one and went in. After we had dinner, we went to the spa and had a good workout.

I trimmed all the dead little stick brances out of the Hydraingia's that are coming along nicely. Summer is coming and lots of little fixes to do outside.

Going to bed now.....Hope your evening goes well and that you get some good sleep.